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Landscape & Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is an essential key to keeping a healthy lawn and an enjoyable outdoor environment for you and your family. Palmetto’s Finest hangs its hat on providing the best quality and most dependable landscape maintenance service in the Upstate. Palmetto’s Finest offers 12 month service plans for both residential and commercial clients that include tons of options and services.

Irrigation & Fertilization

Palmetto’s Finest offers water smart sense irrigation systems incorporating rain barrels and rain gardens into our irrigation systems to help keep your beautiful lawn and landscape properly watered. Fertilization is another key component to keeping a healthy lawn. Palmetto’s Finest offers fertilization customization programs for both turf and landscape plantings.

Outdoor Lighting

Light up the sky at your home with our state of the art landscape lighting systems. Our low voltage LED lighting systems are specifically designed for your home to help enhance the architecture and landscape around your home. Another positive impact of our lighting systems is the added safety and security you and your family receive from helping keep possible intruders at bay.

Hardscapes & Maintenance

Palmetto’s Finest offers a variety of different hardscape options to choose from. Everything from paver patios to seating walls to fire pits and more. Just because it doesn’t grow doesn’t mean it don’t require maintenance. Hardscapes need maintenance every so often to help preserve that day one look. Maintenance on hardscapes includes cleaning and sealing of pavers, walls, stone, etc.

Custom Stone & Masonry

Consider incorporating custom stone masonry to your home. Whether it is indoors on your fireplace or outside on your patio beautiful stone masonry can really brighten up a home. Concrete doesn’t have to be bland and monotonous. Let us come out and show you creative concrete designs that can make a dull space fun and unique.

Outdoor Living

Life is truly better outdoors! Why stay inside when you can enjoy the same amenities outside the doors of your home. Palmetto’s Finest can help you create a relaxing outdoor environment with features such as outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces to compliment a new or existing patio area.

Aeration & Top Dressing

Bare spots? Aeration & Top Dressing allows grass to grow in areas that it may be currently struggling. Top Dressing is also very beneficial in helping level out those uneven places in your lawn. To get a golf course green lawn this is a great technique to practice annually. Visit ProTurf Builder for more info.

Retaining Walls

Do you need to recapture an area of your property that you are losing to erosion or is just unusable space? Retaining walls are very effective in regaining usable space in lawns with severe levels of terrain. Allow us to assess your property to see if a retaining wall is feasible solution for you.

Snow Removal & Ice Treatment

Old Man Winter can be harsh at times. Palmetto’s Finest offers snow removal and ice treatment services to both commercial and residential clients. Keep your family and others safe by maintaining your home or place of business properly during a Winter storm.

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